Services offered at Smith Dental Care

With many treatments available in one location you can have all your dental needs met.

At Smith Dental Care we provide a variety of dental services, including common appointments such as cleanings and check ups, fillings and crowns. But did you know we are one of the few general dentist offices that provides procedures such as root canals as well as Invisalign and periodontal flap surgery? What does this mean for you? When your are in need of a professional staff to help you and your family, you can come to Smith Dental  Care for all of your oral health needs. No need to run around to various doctors, coordinating schedules and insurances. You can come to one place, with a great staff who offers fantastic care. We love developing long term relationships with our patients. We love offering  a final product that delivers long lasting, healthy results for your winning smile!

At Smith Dental Care, we believe that the best way to ensure a healthy smile is with a regular cleanings and check ups. We strongly recommend that you visit our office every six months. Early detection of tooth decay can add years to the vitality of your teeth. With regular cleanings and X-rays, we can located problem areas early, and provide a treatment plan that brings confidence and beauty.

Often patients shy away from scheduling an appointment because its been so long since they have been to the dentist. Please set up an appointment, our friendly staff will guide you through your dental process, from start to smile. We consider our team to be, “user friendly,” and hope that you do too!

What can you expect for your first appointment?

  • Teeth cleaning, including brushing, flossing and detail work by our hygienist.
  • X-ray
  • Cancer Screening
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Thorough exam by our dentist
  • Goodie bag, supplies and thank you gift to use at home
  • Learn more about services offered to our new patients

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Schedule an Appointment