Cerec Crowns

From start to Crown in 2 hours!

Have you ever needed a new crown? Chances are, if you went with a traditional model, at your first appointment, your tooth was numbed and shaped, an impression was taken, a temporary crown was cemented and then you left the office. You had to return to the office in two to three weeks to have the crown fitted and cemented to the tooth. Did you have any problems or sensitivity with the temporary crown? Did the temporary crown come off?
Unlike this old school method, at Smith Dental Care we utilize the state of the art Cerec machine to start and finish new crowns in a single appointment! The Cerec uses a computer imaged ”CAD CAM” design and a precise milling machine to help complete the entire process is about 2 hours from start to finish – all in one appointment, and all in porcelain!

So Why CEREC crown instead of a conventional one?

  • Spend less time in the dental chair – with half the number of appointments, with fewer local anesthetic episodes.
  • Keep more of your natural tooth. We can make preparations for these crowns without cutting away as much of your natural tooth, in some cases by preparing a 3/4 crown, known as an onlay.
  • Use only porcelain. Many lab crowns have a metal substrate that porcelain is bonded to. Cerec crowns are made entirely of porcelain – this means lower chances of allergic or immune response to the material in the crown.
  • Enjoy a better product for the same or less cost than a traditional crown, and sometimes less for a 3/4 crown
  • Don't worry! There is less chance for complications with a same day crown, especially since there is no temporary to break or come off.



Introducing the amazing CEREC system! CEREC enables Smith Dental Care to offer same day crowns and is the most advanced, computerized dental technology in the world. CEREC allows us to create precise, color-matched ceramic and porcelain fillings, crowns, onlays and most of the restorations you will ever need, in just one appointment!

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