Cosmetic/Esthetic Crowns and Veneers

Improving your smile one tooth at a time!


Leading the way in oral health, Dr. Smith loves the long term impact that new crowns have for his patients. Crowns can be placed on teeth to repair damaged, or for aesthetics to improve your appearance. Dr. Smith has witnessed startling improvements in the life quality of some of his patients. New confidence is born, and smiles truly are borne. If you are interested in a consultation to see how crowns could improve your experience, call our office today.

New crowns or veneers can improve the look and the health of your teeth. They also strengthen teeth that have been damaged, either by accident, or by decay. We have lots of patients who choose crowns to improve the esthetics of their smile. Whether just one tooth, or for your whole mouth, crowns are created uniquely for you. With special attention to details we match the color of your teeth and ensure that your bite is comfortable. Because crowns are crafted from high quality materials such as ceramic, resin or porcelain, with the proper care, your new tooth will last for years.

Crowns can also be used to cap a tooth that has excessive decay or damage. In addition, a crown can be implemented after a root canal, or on a tooth that more cavity/filling than tooth. A crown will strengthen the tooth and eliminate the spread of decay. In the case of prolonged teeth grinding, which wears tediously on the health of your teeth, a crown’s strength will prevent further damage. In addition, when your natural tooth is causing pain, impairs your ability to eat or speak properly a crown can dramatically effect your comfort and confidence. One of the body’s biggest indicators of health is found in the mouth. When you have great oral health, your body health improves.


The long term benefits of crowns and veneers:

  • Improving the strength of the teeth
  • Support
  • Improving your smile!
  • Eliminating pain of a decayed tooth
  • Increased confidence
  • Overall health
  • The ability to chew and eat the way you were meant to.

The different types of crowns that we offer

  • Zirconia fused to porcelain crowns, these do not show a gray halo near the gums.
  • E.Max (by ivoclar.)  This is all one material and does not have an interface between the metal and the porcelain, or the zirconia and the porcelain.
  • Full Zirconia Crowns, most commonly used for patients that grind their teeth.
  • Empress Veneers

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